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Our Vacant Property Registry (VPR) Solution

Benefits & Advantages
  • Nothing to Setup or Support
  • No Cost to Community
  • Proven Success
  • Better Compliance Results
  • Higher Quality Registrations
  • Gain a Community Partner

More Advantages
  • " Our partnership with the Federal Property Registration Corporation (F.P.R.C.) continues to be one of great efficiency in all areas. As a City in one of the regions most impacted by the foreclosure crisis (South Florida) F.P.R.C. has all but eliminated the burden this situation has on our Code Compliance Division while providing a source of income that’s preserved jobs and helped fund our nuisance abatement program. "
    - Code Compliance Coordinator, City of Boynton Beach
  • " I would like to congratulate FPRC on their levels of customer service, as their support team is always quick to respond, highly competent and extremely courteous. These guys have been a so knowledgeable when I have needed high-quality professional support. Their technical support is quick to get through and all of the support staff is professional yet friendly and have a great working knowledge of technical matters. "
    - Leading Financial Institution,
  • " The VPR solution provides easy and quick access to all the vacant, abandoned and foreclosed properties. This solution assists safety and enforcement services in determining whether a home is vacant and who the responsible parties are. "
    - Safety & Law Enforcement,
  • " No one is impacted by vacant, abandoned and foreclosed properties more than the citizens in the communities where these properties exist, and no one benefits more from the successful implementation of's VPR solution. "
    - Property Management & HOA's,

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